Online Order

  • We have implemented a new version of Targetnet (Kaleel On-Line Ordering System). Please start using this new system right away.

    Click Here for the New On-Line Order System.

    The features are basically the same, but there are a few new ones we think you'll like. There is also a new look and feel to the system.

    - Your userid / password are the same as in the old system. Under this new system, you have the ability to change your own password (Under Reports Menu)

    - Ability to email yourself an order confirmation (For this to work, we must have an email address on your account. Please call us to set up your order confirmation email address). You can also add another email address while you are in the order.

    - Ability to export your order guide to excel

    - Ability to download to excel - a list of invoices, a statement (Under Report Menu)

    - For instuctions on how to use the new system, Instructions



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