32+ Software

Kaleel Order 32+ Program Download Instructions

Kaleel Order 32+ is a remote ordering software that is installed on your PC and uses the Internet to communicate with us. Any Kaleel customer can use this to place orders with Kaleel Bros., Inc.

Uninstalling the old version of Kaleel Order 32+ software:

Prior to downloading the new version of the Kaleel Order 32+ software, you must remove the old version. Click Here for instructions on how to remove the old version.

How to Download the New Version:

  1. Click Here for instructions on how to download the new version.

  2. Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) - Login Here to download the Kaleel Order 32+ software in zip format.

Configuring Kaleel Order 32+ Software for Use:

If you have a Hi-Speed Connection to the Internet like DSL or Cable Modem. You can follow these configuration instructions.

Broadband Installation

If you have a Dial-up connection, You can follow these installation instructions.

Dial-Up Installation

Click Here and print out instructions on how to use Order 32+.




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